Tony Randall Segment-“Magic on Broadway”

Tony Randall was a familiar and beloved fixture on sitcoms and late night talk shows for years. From the “Odd Couple” to David Letterman, his smooth air of sophistication and sly bombasity always brought a smile to viewers’ faces. 

So, it goes without saying that he seamlessly blends in as Doug’s assistant. Appearing first in the”Celestial Elevator” illusion, it’s an overall fun segment. It’s one that proves that Tony Randall, like Doug, always brought a bit of magic with him wherever he went!

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  1. Neil McNally says:

    All of Doug’s specials are no longer owned by NBC, and held by another copyright entity. So, I doubt NBC will every make them available again.

    As with all things on You Tube, the people that post clips have the right to take them down if they choose. I had have nothing to do with it if links are broken on my site. But, a lot of them do remain. I also never had a You Tube channel for this website.

    Thank you very much for your email. I’m glad you enjoy the site and my posts.

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