Wonder Whims

“Wonder Whims…are they dolls or are they stuffed animals? Surprise, they’re both! And together, they explore the wonders of the world in which they live.”

The 1980s were a time of many things. Some good, some great, and some…well.

You had Transformers, Muppet Babies, Rainbow Bright, Smurfs, and…Wonder Whims? Yes that’s right you heard me. Doug and Debby Henning had their very own doll and toy line called the “Wonder Whims.” 

Created in 1985 by Doug and Debby (based on her sketches) and manufactured by Marvin Glasson/Panosh group, the “Wonder Whims” were kind of a psychedelic “Cabbage Patch” kid with animal friends. There were six pairs of “Wonder Whims” in total that apparently came with a wand, an animal pet, and story book. 

So, rather than listening to me talk about them I present to you today (in no particular order) the “Wonder Whims” in all their 80s glory! 









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  1. Lily laurent says:

    Eu adorei fiquei encantada onde posso achar uma reliquia dessa como o bird moon s2 fofuras s2


  2. Wow… brings back memories… myself and my sister got a pair each from Doug n Debbie. Along with a poster. Its been over 30 years… I still have them…!!!


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