“Motorcycle Illusion” from Magic on Broadway

The motorcycle illusion featured today made its first TV appearance with Doug all the way back in 1977’s “World of Magic III.” Without a doubt, it became one of Doug most memorable and famous illusions. So much so in fact, that he recreated it for his last special “Magic on Broadway” in 1982.  Now, in…

“Rubber Girl” Illusion from “Magic on Broadway”

The “Rubber Girl” illusion above was featured on Doug’s 1982 “Magic on Broadway” special. A lot of the special had sort of a greatest hits feel about it, and was a perfect venue for Doug to show off some old favorites sprinkled with new illusions. In retrospect, all this is appropriate as this was the…

Doug Henning on Broadway-Annie Slide Illusion

It’s two Annie actresses for the price of one in this clip from 1982’s “Doug Henning: Magic on Broadway!” Taped during the Merlin era, the special’s slide illusion features the original Annie Andrea McArdle transforming into the then current Annie Allison Smith. Did the Sun really come out tomorrow with this illusion? Well, that’s for…

Rubik’s Cube Illusion and More

The above comes from Doug’s “Magic on Broadway” special, and highlights one of the things he always did best, close-up magic with kids! For me, these are always some of the highlight of his specials, and I hope they’re yours too.  Now where did I put my old Rubik’s Cube?

“Magic on Broadway” Disembodied Head Illusion

Featured above is one of the more amusing moments from Doug’s “Magic on Broadway” special. The banter between Doug and Debby is heavily scripted, but pops with their usual chemistry! Needless to say, I’m skeptical that that was Doug’s real head featured throughout the whole illusion. But, who am I to say? Enjoy!