Happy Holidays and “World of Magic ’77” Article!

I had intended to have more posts leading up into the holiday season, but a pinched nerve in my shoulder and arm put a damper on that plan. 

Regardless, I wanted to get one more 2020 post to the readers, and wish you all a very Happy Holiday season. It goes without saying 2020 wasn’t what anyone expected it to be. With that in mind, let’s muster all the wonder and magic we have within us, and keep it going to the new year and beyond. I think we all need it, and I have no doubt it’s what Doug would want!

Finally, in keeping with the season, enjoy this vintage newspaper clipping from the Austin American-Statesman dated December 4, 1977. See you in 2021. Stay safe, and be kind to each other!

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  1. Jim P says:

    Great personal message you sent out! Have a wonderful Christmas as well! Sure hope you begin to feel better (so you can continue to type and write these articles). (lol) May you, and your wife, enjoy this holiday season (as best as possible staying safe) and may you receive abundant blessings in the New Year!


    1. Neil McNally says:

      Thank you for the kind words, and Happy Holidays to you and your family!


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