“Motorcycle Illusion” from Magic on Broadway

The motorcycle illusion featured today made its first TV appearance with Doug all the way back in 1977’s “World of Magic III.” Without a doubt, it became one of Doug most memorable and famous illusions. So much so in fact, that he recreated it for his penultimate special “Magic on Broadway” in 1982. 

Now, in my opinion “Magic on Broadway” is kind of like “Doug Henning on Ice.” It’s a little more slick, produced, and not as new as what came before. However, it has many fun moments and celebrity cameos. Joining Doug for this one is Erik Estrada of “C.H.I.P.S” and numerous telenovelas fame. 

I’m sure no one will argue that Doug currently holds the world’s record for having Erik Estrada as a magician’s assistant. 

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