“Rubber Girl” Illusion from “Magic on Broadway”

The “Rubber Girl” illusion above was featured on Doug’s 1982 “Magic on Broadway” special. A lot of the special had sort of a greatest hits feel about it, and was a perfect venue for Doug to show off some old favorites sprinkled with new illusions. In retrospect, all this is appropriate as this was the final special of Doug’s to air on NBC, or anywhere for that matter. 

As for the illusion itself, the “Rubber Girl” is a classic, and Owen Magic Supreme describes it as: 

In this Owen effect not only does the girl stretch but her bones apparently elongate beyond any reasonable possibility. The fasteners are free to move vertically and diagonally and move they do, carrying portions of the unfortunate girl with them in six different directions simultaneously. However, back they come restoring the creature to normalcy to the relief of all concerned.

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