Andre Kole Foreign Poster feat. Doug and David Copperfield

The above foreign poster comes courtesy of Terry Holley, and features Doug and David Copperfield promoting magician Andre Kole’s show in Chinese. 

What Doug and David are saying I’m not sure. But, it’s most likely repeating what was said in a previous Andre Kole post, which you can find: HERE

However, the real star of this poster is the design of it all which really draws you in. Don’t you think?

Special Thanks to Terry Holley


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  1. bhlumley says:

    Doug Henning started his theatrical career with Andre Kole’s ‘Table of Death’ which we modified and renamed ‘The Bed of Horrors’. Henning laid on his back and looked up at Kole’s ceiling of 60 spikes more than a thousand times during his performances of Spellbound and The Magic Show. It is fitting to see him honour this magician and illusion creator.

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