Andre Kole Flyer feat. Doug Henning and David Copperfield

The above images are promotional materials for esteemed magician Andre Kole, and feature two people you probably don’t need me to name. In it, both Doug and David gave their effusive praise to Kole, which only adds to the prestige of this program, as well as the show itself.

In fact, Terry Holley, who sent this item onto me, attended one of Doug’s Cleveland shows with Kole around 1986, and had the chance to meet him afterwards. At the time, Doug emphatically stated

“Not only is Andre’ a great illusionist, but he’s also a wonderful friend, and a wonderful person!”

So, there’s really no where else to go with this, but Doug Henning was an Andre Kole fan!

Special Thanks to Terry Holley


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  1. bhlumley says:

    One of Henning’s tributes to Kole was an escape from a bed with a ceiling of spikes. Kole named it “The Canopy of Death”, Henning called it “The Bed of Horrors” in the playbills for Spellbound and The Magic Show.

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