Wonder Whims Two Page Ad Spread

The above rare image comes from the Panosh Place 1980s toy catalog, and features those masters of mirth and good cheer…The Wonder Whims. I’ve covered a bit about the Wonder Whims over the years, and I always find it’s always good for a relook when new items come to light.

Below is the standard Wonder Whims publicity picture you’re probably all aware of.

As you can see, it’s  more space aged and less fluorescent, than its pastel predecessor.

An interesting footnote is that Panosh Place itself was one of the original manufacturers of Voltron before Mattel took over the product line. There’s also some evidence that Mattel may have even bought Panosh Place as a company and absorbed it. 

Whatever was the case, without Panosh Place Doug would never have had this very unique and collectible toy line. A toy line that still lives today in people’s minds, attics, and of course, Ebay. 

Special Thanks to Michael Johnson’s insightful book “Magician Doug Henning Collectibles Guide.”

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