“Earth, Wind, and Fire” Opening and Closing Concert Footage

I’ve covered it a little in past posts (not many) that Doug did some consulting and design work for prominent musicians of the 1970s and 1980s. Not least of which was “Earth, Wind, and Fire.”

In a previous post, I came across some pictures of some of the work he had done for the group. However, this film footage from the opening and closing moments of 1977’s All n’ All tour is without a doubt Doug at his absolute conceptual best. 

I’ll leave you with the group’s founder, Maurice White, and his comments on Doug and his work featured in his 2016 autobiography. 

“Doug created fantastic illusions. He devised an opening where we would arrive onstage from tubes hanging a hundred feet high above the stage. The tubes lowered to the stage, and we gradually became visible to the audience inside the cylinders. Then the tubes rose back to high above the stage, and we proceeded with the show. The tubes had to land within a quarter of an inch of accuracy every night. And since they were coming from a hundred feet in the air, our riggers had to have everything precise. It was our best show opening.”

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