“Doug Henning and his World of Magic” New York Times Ad

A lot of people tend to focus on the closing of “Merlin” as Doug’s big failure on Broadway’s fabled “Great White Way.” However, what people frequently don’t realize is that a year after “Merlin” closed, Doug returned for what was a very successful follow-up called “Doug Henning and His World of Magic.” 

The show itself ran from December 11th, 1984 to January 27th, 1985, and featured some of Doug’s most famous illusions in what was essentially a greatest hits show. However, freed from the shackles of a story, singing, dancing, and problematic illusions, Doug was able to do what he knew best. Which was to put on a show!

“Doug Henning and his World of Magic” ultimately would prove to be his last appearance on Broadway. Would he have ever returned? We’ll never know, but the memories of the people that saw him there are forever. 

Special Thanks to Michael Johnson and his excellent book “Magician Doug Henning Collectibles Guide.” To purchase, please visit the link below: 


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