Another “New” Plymouth Magic Wagon Commercial

It’s been a couple years since I’ve had the fun of profiling Doug’s 1984 car campaign for the Plymouth “Magic Wagon.” The campaign itself was a fun way to promote a car and, of course, Doug himself. The best part of it was Doug didn’t have to be on stage in front of hundreds of people to do it. 

Anyway, I thought I had found all the TV commercial spots he had done for the campaign. That was up until about half an hour ago. Lo and behold, here is another one for your viewing pleasure. I have to tell you, even though it was 1984, I wish commercials were this epic feeling today. 

Enjoy your Saturday, and when you go to bed tonight I hope you dream of a wonderful place in pop culture called the early 1980s. 

Originally Aired December 30th, 1984

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