The Walt Disney World Easter Parade with Doug: Revisited

A couple years back I featured Doug’s Easter, 1985 appearance on the Walt Disney World Easter Parade. Doug’s segments are stretched out throughout the show, and at the time I just featured the parade as it aired unedited. 

Well, cut to today being Easter, and I thought it was high time I fixed that, and present just Doug’s segments for your holiday viewing pleasure. It’s got some great moments with Debby, the Zombie Ball, Metamorphosis, parades, as well as Doug at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.  He’s also the parade’s “Grand Magical Marshal,” which isn’t a word you hear every day. 

So, break out those chocolate eggs, play the video segments from top to bottom, and have a very Happy Easter!

FUN FACT: The program itself was executive produced by Walter C. Miller who was the director of all of Doug’s NBC magic specials. 

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  1. Joe Zimmer says:

    Thanks for this!


  2. Great to see all the highlights!


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