Farewell Illusion Sale Price List


The above item comes from Michael Whitecar, and is the price list that was given to all interested buyers from Doug’s farewell auction in 1989.

It’s interesting to note how the general common misconception is that Doug gave away his illusions for very little to nothing. My apologies for the small print in the document, but the prices are as listed:

Fountain Levitation:$60,000
King Tut Transposition: $55,000
Miracle Levitation Vanish: $45,000
Walking Through a Mirror: $40,000
Fire Tunnel Transposition: $35,000
Surrounded Man without a Middle: $30,000
Floating Kiddie Car: $25,000
Double Sawing in Half: $20,000
Fire Dome Girl Production : $15,000
Lady to Tiger: $10,000
Three Jarrett Pedestals: $9,000
Shadow Box Production: $7,000
Metamorphosis Box: $6,000
Mismade Lady: $5,000
Sword Levitation: $4,000
Girl without a Middle: $3,000
Where do the Ducks Go?: $2,000
Animal Production Cage: $1,000
Gold Production Box: $1,000

Hopefully people brought their checkbooks that day…

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  1. The document concerning Henning’s illusions prices is interresting but it is presented with no resolution and it is out of focus (making it close to impossible to read).


    1. Neil McNally says:

      This was given to me by a collector. I have requested another copy and if I receive it I will be sure to put it up.


    2. Neil McNally says:

      A transcription of the prices has now been added. Thanks for writing.


  2. Jim says:

    I was expecting a short article where you listed what was on the document , especially in light of the difficulty in reading it.


    1. Neil McNally says:

      A transcription of the prices has now been listed. Thanks for writing.


  3. Greg Gleason says:

    I’m lucky enough to own the King Tut Transposition. It’s on display in my dining room.


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