“World of Magic 1976” Opening Illusions in Full


What more can I really say to add onto this clip? The number of illusions crammed into this, along with the sheer 1970s variety show feel of it all speak for itself. Also, how many times in your life have you wanted to conjure up a slightly bewildered Michael Landon?

Next time you see modern magic on television think back on this clip, and the level of coordination it took to put it all together. Also, it was all LIVE! One more time…LIVE!

Original Air Date: December 23, 1976

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good copy of the performance.


  2. Brian H. Lumley says:

    Good copy of the performance


  3. bhlumley says:

    Can anyone see me sneaking Doug’s first Firebowl up the inside of his cover cloth?


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