Original “Magic Show” Vinyl Cast Album

In 1974, Bell Records released “The Magic Show” cast album on vinyl. The album is rare in the sense that it is just as special, unique, and fun as the musical itself.


The  back cover really give you a sense of what audiences at the time must have felt seeing Doug perform his illusions upfront, close, and center.

In addition to show credits, it also highlights numerous color performance pictures which are generally hard to come by in general circulation. 



If you thought that was it, well then think again. In case you had forgotten you had bought “The Magic Show” cast album, then look no further than the attractive vinyl paper sleeve to remind you of the musical’s lyrics and rising star! 


Not to be undone, is the album’s final gift to the consumer.What is it you may ask? It’s something so special, and well confusing, that I’m going to have to save it for the next post. Think of it as the toy in the proverbial Happy Meal that is Doug Henning!

Until then, stay safe and healthy out there everyone!




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