Lifestyles of the Rich and Doug!

Today I thought I’d feature a four minute vintage clip of Doug and Debby on the classic 1980s program “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” What’s cool about it is that it gives us a glimpse not only into Doug’s home, but his famed workshop where many of his illusions were developed. 

Also, what I find fascinating is the segment devoted to Doug’s practice of Transcendental Meditation. It’s not a clip you see of Doug and his wife every day, and whether you agree with its practices or not, it certainly was a part of who he was. 

Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams!

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  1. Whitt Smith says:

    I never understood why anyone had anything against him & his love of TM. It’s suer a better thing to be doing than all the drugs the major share of other celebs are doing. meditation is just another form of relaxation. It doesn’t hurt anyone. They obviously found peace & tranquility doing it. What’s so wrong with that?? Good Lord, when did this world get so cynical?? :/


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