Doug Henning Magic You Can Do Kit: Detailed Photos

Today’s post is a continuation of ones that I’ve done over the past several years. Other than the Wonder Whims, one of Doug’ s only forays into the toy world was his 1980s partnership with Tenyo on the “Doug Henning Magic You Can Do” kit. 

It’s become an extremely rare magic kit, and only a handful of them allegedly exist today. Some appear on eBay for huge prices, only to quickly disappear. While I have seen advertisements and a scattering of photos over the year, a more complete account of the set has eluded me. 

So, my thanks goes to magician Greg Gleason for providing me with photos of his set and its “magical” contents within. So, open up that box, because today it’s time for…


Special Thanks to Greg Gleason

Special Thanks to Michael Whitecar

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  1. Eddy Wade says:

    These Doug Henning sets never actually hit the retail market as originally planned. All the Tenyo parts and box were solD to Morris Costumes in the 1980s from Fun, Inc. As an employee of Morris at the time I was tasked to get the sets assembled and shrink wrapped. I had a local company cut the styrofoam inner liners, had the pieces placed into plastic bags, etc. I then had the Goodwill Industries in Charlotte, NC use their labor force to assemble each of the three types of sets along with shrink wrapping. If my memory serves there were approximately 800 to 1000 total sets. Morris wholesaled the sets thru their distribution to magic shops all over the US. I still have a couple of sets and a stack of the instructions sheets that were included in each set. The inside of the sets didn’t turn out as were originally planned because the cardboard inner liners were not available when Morris bought out the leftover parts. So now you know the rest of the story….


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