“Earth, Wind, and Fire” Pyramid Illusion Photos

During his career, Doug consulted with many artists and bands to achieve their creative and musical ambitions. One of these bands was “Earth, Wind, and Fire” for their 1978 tour. Doug designed the floating Pyramid for the group as seen above, and by all the visual evidence it was pretty memorable.

I mean the whole band dressed up in space suits to compliment the pyramid, so you can’t really beat that. 

“Earth, Wind, and Fire” founder, Maurice White, later wrote of Doug in this excerpt from his memoir:

“I was sitting in the control room of Oceanway Studio on Sunset Boulevard one day when the door opened to a crack and through the small opening peered a little smiling guy with buck teeth and shaggy hair: Doug Henning. Come on in, I said happily. Doug Henning was the magicians’ magician, and now he was a Hollywood star too, due to his hit show on NBC-TV, Doug Henning’s World of Magic. Henning had single-handedly resurrected magic for the masses. He was by far the most popular magician in the world. I cleared the studio so we could have a chat. ‘Doug, there is something I have longed for many years to bring to Earth, Wind & Fire—it’s a big dream of mine…’” 

Special Thanks to the Earth, Wind, and Fire Instagram and Twitter feeds which can be found at: 

Twitter: @EarthWindFire

Instagram: Earthwindandfire

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