Doug on Andy Williams?

Doug on Andy Williams

Today’s post comes about from an email I recently received from Doug fan and ex-magic builder Russell Bruce. Here’s an excerpt:

“A friend and I are really big fans of Dougs, and have been searching for anyone with a copy of Dougs appearance on the Andy Williams Show. In this appearance, they performed the opening scene, “Up To His Old Tricks,” from, The Magic Show.  Do you have, or know anyone that has, a copy of that appearance? We would really like to see it again.”

If anyone of our readers can help, please drop me a line and I will pass on his contact information. The above image is all I can find of his appearances on the program. 


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  1. Andrew Portala says:

    Been look for a long time


  2. Could be in the Magic Castle library. Their video collection is stellar. Is Russell a member?


  3. Neil McNally says:

    Not sure if he is or not. Ill mention it to him.


  4. Brian Lumley says:

    The first Andy Williams show Doug did was when we met Donny Osmond, Olivia Newton John and Mike Seegar as well as Andy.
    This was the show that convinced Doug’s Mother he was a star. She finally acknowledged his stardom when she and all her friends heard Andy and Doug say goodnight to each other on TV. Broadway was not as important as Andy.


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