The First NBC Special: The Best Bits!

It’s safe to say that everyone that is reading these entries remembers the first special in their own way. The program itself is so crammed with illusions and expert performances that it’s been difficult to decide what to include and what to sadly leave out.

After Julie Newmar, the audience is treated to the umbrella and fire magic of famed Japanese magician Shimada. Best not to get to close to him while he works.

Shimada 3
Sands of Egypt 2
The Sands of Time

In  “The Sands of Time,” Doug takes three colors of sand (Red, Green, Yellow) and mixes them individually in a murky goblet of a red liquid (Wine? Probably not, it’s a family show). One by one he takes out the colors of dry sand and deposits them on a plate like so:

Sands of Egypt 10

Newspaper 2
Torn Newspaper Intro

The torn newspaper trick is one of Doug’s most beloved tricks and rightfully so. It’s simplicity is what makes it so unique, and Doug’s casual presentation of it is a joy to watch.

Newspaper 3
Tearing the Newspaper
Newspaper 4
Newspaper Restored!

In the turbulent age of the mid-1970s Doug Henning brought an innocence to magic that was infectious. His new presentation of classic illusions was exactly what the world needed at that precise moment in time. Sometimes, what’s old is indeed new again.

But, wait! There’s more….

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  1. Anonymous says:

    His presentation of Gene Anderson’s torn & restored newspaper has always been a fave of mine. & it was interesting to find out that his patter was, with just a couple small changes, word for word as it appeared in anderson’s book! 🙂

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