The First NBC Special: Houdini’s Water Torture Cell

What you are about to see are the introduction and preparations for Doug’s Grand Finale of Houdini’s “Water Torture Cell!” After another brief introduction by Gene Kelly and a Houdini history montage, Doug is introduced to a nervous crowd. The suspense is truly over whelming, and there is definitely a “will he or won’t he” feeling throughout the proceedings! Hey, even Gene Kelly seems nervous.

Rather than adding my own commentary, I’m going to let you look at these images and travel back to that fateful night forty-two years ago. The moment is at hand. How long can you hold your breath?

Houdini Montage
Torture Cell Finale 2
Doug’s Intro
Doug's Entrance
Doug’s Entrance
Doug Prepping
Doug's Feet
Feet Locked in Place
Policeman Approval
Doug Rising
Hoisted Up
Lowering Doug
Lowering Doug
Deep Breaths 2
Final Breaths
Doug Under Water

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  1. Truly a monumental moment in magic.


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