Doug’s Canada Walk of Fame Star (Expanded)

For those looking for something to do the next time you’re in Toronto, here is all the available information there is regarding Doug’s Canadian Walk of Fame Star. Its history and location have their own pages on the Walk of Fame registry, and it’s really great to see Doug get the national respect he deserves.

 For all of his achievements, Doug really was just a kid from Canada that dreamed big and made it. For that reason alone, the world will always be a better place for him having been here!

Main Page
Location Page

To visit the registry page please click: HERE

To visit the location page please click: HERE

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  1. bhlumley says:

    We can thank David Ben and Julie Eng of Magicana in Toronto for advocating for Doug’s recognition and getting him a place on the Canadian Walk of Fame. Magicana put together a grand visual presentation of his accomplishments for the awards ceremony.


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