The First NBC Special: Julie Newmar

After some disappearing and reappearing birds and a little close-up magic with Bill Cosby, Doug gets to the nitty-gritty with this atmospheric box illusion. While shining a light inside and behind, it is revealed that absolutely nothing, I repeat nothing, is inside.

Doug with Light
Bulb Behind the Box

Julie Newmar Hand

Or is there?

Julie Newmar Bursting Out
Julie Newmar Bursting Through
Julie Newmar CU
Julie Newmar Dance

Ladies and Gentlemen, a totally random and 1970s avante-garde dance routine by the always alluring Julie Newmar!

Julie Newmar Sawed in Half

What follows is an impressive, but somewhat awkward, moment where Doug and Bill Cosby dress like surgeons to saw Julie Newmar in half, take her apart, and put her back together!

Doug would go on to perform this illusions for years to come and its execution and presentation are a sight to behold. How was it done? Well, that’s for you to decide.

See you tomorrow…

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