eBay Week: Wonder Whim Sunday!

What better way to close out “eBay Week” than with that toy of toys a “Wonder Whim?” While, Doug’s failed experiment with this 1980s toy line stands as a bit of an anomaly in his career…what an anomaly it is.  A cross between a Cabbage Patch Kid and Rainbow Brite, this lonely and down and…

Wonder Whim in Original Box

Now everyone in Doug Henning’s “World of Magic” knows what a Wonder Whim is. What you don’t? Well here’s one in its original box. While doing research for the site, I recently stumbled across this gem of 1980s nostalgia tucked safely behind a nearby desk. I’ve talked about Doug’s failed venture into the toy market…

Wonder Whims

“Wonder Whims…are they dolls or are they stuffed animals? Surprise, they’re both! And together, they explore the wonders of the world in which they live.” The 1980s were a time of many things. Some good, some great, and some…well. You had Transformers, Muppet Babies, Rainbow Bright, Smurfs, and…Wonder Whims? Yes that’s right you heard me….

New York Times 1976 Toy Store Photo

I recently came across this photo originally published in the “New York Times” on November 27, 1976. In light of “The Muppet Show” clip from yesterday, I thought it was more than appropriate to feature it as I close out the week. It features Doug, at what looks like a toy store (FAO Schwarz?), entertaining children….