Doug at Hollywood Magic Photo-Late 90s

Doug’s later years are the stuff of legend, even today. 

Having been told by the Maharishi to return to LA to fundraise for the theme park, Veda Land, Doug found himself in a curious situation. At fundraisers, prospective donors responded most when he would do close up magic.

So, what began as a fundraising means to an end, became a re-ignition of his passion for magic. Back in the US, Doug would make spontaneous stops at various magic shops, leading to rumors in the community that something very curious was up with Doug Henning. 

Now, I had read about these stops in my various research on Doug. But, I had never seen any pictures documenting it before the one featured above. Not that I doubted it, but it was always told in an anecdotal way in various accounts.

This photo recently appeared on magician Anjo Sanchez’s Instagram page, and shows Doug stopping into Hollywood Magic in LA in the late 90s. What Doug bought is lost to history, but Anjo, seen on the far left, is clearly excited meeting his magical heroes. 

Hollywood Magic is no longer around. But, this picture is a testament to Doug finding his love of magic again, and a bittersweet reminder of what might have been. 

Special Thanks to Anjo Sanchez, and his Instagram account: @anjosanchez

For more information on Anjo, please click: HERE

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