Yoko One and Julian Lennon at “The Magic Show”

The above photo, and very rare photo, was taken on January 12, 1978, and, obviously, shows Yoko Ono and Julian Lennon leaving a performance of “The Magic Show.” How do we know it’s “The Magic Show?

Well, it doesn’t take much investigating to see that Julian is carrying the deluxe souvenir program that was for sale at the show. I wonder if he still has it? 

At its peak, “The Magic Show” was such a hot show that it brought out celebrities in droves to see magic’s new superstar, Doug Henning. Doug would regularly hobnob with people backstage such as Jackie Onassis, Muhammad Ali, Jim Henson, etc. The list goes on and on. 

Were Yoko and Julian part of that backstage list? While we’ll never know, it’s nice to think so. 

Special Thanks to the Instagram account: @thebeatleschildren


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  1. Cool photo! Loving these, thanks.


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