OTB Newspaper Ad-1974/75?

The above advertisement for OTB (Off Track Betting) is certainly one of the most obscure ads that I’ve seen Doug appear in. 

However, the story of how it ended up here is a unique one in itself. Author and psychologist, Richard Wiseman,  recently sent me a group of newspaper clippings he found in an old Playbill for “The Magic Show.” Having bought the Playbill years ago at a thrift store, he assumed it was lost until it recently resurfaced after many years, with these clippings in tow.

I’ll spread out the findings over the coming days, but this one is my favorite by far. A real find and Doug rarity to be sure. 

Special Thanks to Richard Wiseman richardwiseman.wordpress.com


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  1. bhlumley says:

    I believe this was a 1975 ad and part of a series of promos for the N.Y. state gambolling comission. At one point he was going to predict the numbers of the New York Lottery draw.


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