“Magic Show” Original Cast Footage Video Still?

Magic Show Original Production

I came across this intriguing still while searching the internet recently.

While there are many photos of the original production of “The Magic Show” to be found online. What stands out is that this grainy image features Doug and actress Anita Morris in what appears to be video footage from the original show itself. However, the You Tube link where this originated has long since been removed. All this leaves us with a tantalizing mystery, and with Norwegian subtitles no less. 

I was recently corresponding with a loyal reader about whether “The Magic Show” was recorded during its original run and, if so, whether footage still exists. I responded that I suspect various collectors out there probably do have footage, and are holding onto it for personal reasons. This image leads us to believe that this might indeed be the case.

Does anyone out there have their own opinion as to where this still originated from?

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  1. Michelle Ainsworth says:

    Could this be from Doug’s final “Magic on Broadway” TV special? I don’t remember if the costumes match.


    1. Neil McNally says:

      No Doug wife more 80s outfits in that special, and this is clearly his more laid back jeans era.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I saw The Magic Show on Broadway 21 times. Doug never wore a vest on Broadway. It’s definitely Anita Morris. It appears to be a still from the Canadian video version of The Magic Show. You can compare the his vest with the one he wears in the videotaped production.


  3. Michael Healy says:

    /Users/michaelscomputer/Desktop/Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 8.40.29 PM.png

    Screenshot from the video of the Canadian The Magic Show (with Didi Conn)


  4. Michael Healy says:

    I saw The Magic Show on Broadway 21 times. Doug never wore a vest in the show. It’s definitely Anita Morris in the photo. It’s a still from the Canadian videotaped version of The Magic Show


  5. Barry Wallis says:

    I have a DVD of the horrid (except for Doug and Didi) Candian version.


  6. Mike Senser says:

    I saw the Broadway version 54 times and this is not from it. Doug’s costume is wrong and he never held a mic. I would say this is from one of his NBC specials.


  7. bhlumley says:

    I agree with Mike Senser, the mic and costume are not from the original show.


    1. Neil McNally says:

      Yes it’s from the 1981 “Magic Show.” See today’s post for more info!


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