Cort Theater Expansion-Nov, 2021

Whenever I’m in New York City, I make it a point to walk by the Cort Theater off of 49th and Broadway. As you all know, it was the original home of “The Magic Show.” As these photos from a couple weeks ago can attest, it’s been going through a lot of changes as of late. 

Marquee Facing 49th Street

In a previous post from last March, Playbill explained that the venerable theater was going to have a thorough renovation and expansion. From the looks of it, this process has begun. 

In fact, the backstage door where legions of magic fans would meet Doug after each show is hard to even make out in its current form. 

Backstage Door (Far Right)

The artist’s rendering below gives us a good idea of what the theater will eventually look like. I for one am fine with the changes, as the Cort has always seemed to be one of the forgotten theaters of Broadway.

Here’s to many more nights of magic and wonder at the Cort!

To read more click on this Playbill link. The article even rightfully name checks “The Magic Show” as one of its most famous productions!

Splash Page photo courtesy of Brian Lumley

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  1. bhlumley says:

    Good to see they are keeping the old theatre alive.


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