World of Magic IV-Medieval Thread Illusion in Full

The above appearance was from Doug’s fourth “World of Magic” special in 1978. The special itself features co-hosts Brooke Shields and Tom Bosley accompanying Doug on a whirlwind journey through time, space, and various international countries. While some moments in the special may not hold up well viewed through a 21st-century eye, it definitely features some of Doug’s best illusions.

While the thread illusion is covered in much medieval fanfare, its simple presentation is a standout in the special, and its raucous audience reception is evident of that. By the way, keep an eye out for famed magician and Doug’s mentor, Dai Vernon, in the bottom right hand corner of the final audience shot. 

Original Airdate: December 14, 1978

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  1. Johnny Ould says:

    AWESOME as usual!


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