Dennis Loomis Remembers Article: January 2013

The article below comes from the January, 2013 issue of “M.U.M,” and is written by the renowned magician and writer Dennis Loomis. Loomis himself had met Doug in the early 1960s at one of the “Abbot’s Get Together” magic conventions in Colon, Michigan. They soon became fast friends for many years after. 

Loomis’ columns for M.U.M became well known and respected, and this one was his last for the magazine. It’s a fascinating read, and one that ties Pete Tappan’s miniature doll levitation, and the end of Loomis’ friendship with Doug in a heartfelt and bittersweet way. 

Loomis himself died in 2013, yet his writings live on and stand as a strong testament to magic and magic history as a whole!

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