Doug, Siegfried, and Roy Photo #2

The above photo features a trifecta of magic legends: Doug, Siegfried, and Roy. It is only the second picture that I have seen with the three of them (though I’m sure there are more). The first that I saw, was taken in the 1980s, and featured Debbie joining in. This one was featured in an earlier post

However, I prefer this one more as the three of them are a bit younger, and the photo seems a little more candid, less staged, and real. You can really feel everyone’s mutual admiration for each other shining through all these years later.

But, other than that, I can give you no other information as to where it was taken or exactly when. Also, to add to the mystery, I don’t even know where the original resides now. So, if anyone out there knows, please drop me a line. 

Until, then lets be glad this photo even exists!

Special Thanks to the Instagram account: @therealrobertdayton

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