John Gaughan “Merlin” Instagram Photos

Copyright: @john_gaughan_magic

Hey everyone! If you weren’t aware already, I wanted to direct you to illusion designer extraordinaire John Gaughan’s extensive Instagram account. 

While the account by itself is a sight to behold, recently they have been posting unseen photos of “Merlin” on stage and behind the scenes. I’d love to post them all here on the site, but I’d rather you go to their page and follow it yourself. I posted a couple to whet your appetite in the meantime. 

They were even kind enough to post excerpts from my interview with John that appeared in one of the very first weeks of the website. Enjoy!

To follow John’s Instagram account please visit: @john_gaughan_magic

Splash Page Image Copyrighted: @john_gaughan_magic

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