Doug/Houdini Original Art

Daniel Marcil (12 inches X 15 inches, ink on paper, 1975)

The above piece of art was sent to me by magician Patrice Meunier, and was drawn by artist Daniel Marcil. It features highlights from Doug’s life circa 1975, and is quite eye catching. The Great Houdini himself even makes an appearance. I’ll let Patrice give some backstory to his appreciation to Doug, his work, and what it all meant to his life. 

My name is Patrice Meunier, I am a working magician from Montréal, Québec, Canada. I was 17 years old when I saw Henning during his first television special…

Henning is the only artist in the history of magic who performed four LIVE very beautiful and very complex television specials (the key word here is LIVE). I even saw him on stage in Montréal, and he had a very charismatic personality. I am sharing with you the following artwork given to me by a friend from childhood.

Special Thanks to Patrice Meunier

For more information on Patrice please visit:


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