“Alla-Kazam”Fanzine- World of Magic ’78 Article

The following article comes from the second issue of the magic fanzine “Alla-Kazam.” The magazine itself was bi-monthly, and a product of MacDonald Magic located out of Spencerville, Ohio. By all accounts, it folded in 1981. 

But, let’s begin with that cover illustration shall we?  By that I mean it’s certainly one of the more interpretative likenesses I have ever seen of Doug. You’re certainly not going to forget it are you?

The article itself is pretty straight forward, and is a strict play by play of events in the Brooke Shields/Tom Bosley “World of Magic.” There’s nothing ground breaking about the issue and article as a whole. But, it definitely represents independent home grown fanzines before a thing called the internet reigned supreme!

Special Thanks to Chris Martin

“Alla-Kazam” information courtesy of “Magicpedia”

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