Doug’s Van Nuys “Magic, Inc.” Headquarters Today

Yesterday I decided to do something that that has been on my bucket list for quite a while…visit the site of Doug’s first headquarters. So, braving 99 degree San Fernando Valley heat, I did just that.

Doug’s first headquarters for his company “Magic, Inc.” were located at 6921 Valjean Avenue in Van Nuys, CA. At the time, Doug’s success was booming. So, in the late 70s Doug’s manager, Jerry Goldstein, found this unassuming 10,000 foot industrial warehouse that would house Doug Henning’s career and creativity. 

Times have changed however, as the site is now the home of an adult female lingerie company. As you can tell, it’s very much a change of pace from what it once was. 

Just a quick word to the wise if you intend to see the site for yourself. I was asked why I was taking pictures by someone that came out of the building. When I explained, they took it in stride and laughed. But, keep in mind it is private property. But, oh if those walls could talk!

1979 Business Card

Vintage Business Card Courtesy of Michael Grandinetti

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  1. Dave says:

    Interesting. I never knew the address of where Doug Henning’s company was headquartered or I would have made sure to go take a walk past the building at 6921 Valjean Avenue just to take a look at where it had been, because years later (in 1985) I worked very nearby that location, just around the corner at 16143 Hart Street , which was then the production facility of the Don Bluth Animation Studio (making the film “An American Tail”).


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