Doug’s Fan Club HQ Today

One of my favorite things to do is researching old buildings that famous people, or their companies once inhabited.

Yesterday’s post regarding Doug’s old fan club got my wheels turning. While I have seen Doug’s Van Nuys headquarters on Valjean Avenue in person before, his fan club’s offices on Odessa Street are a mystery to me.  So, lo and behold a thing called Google Maps and, and we’re able to see if the building still exists today. 


And as you can see a rather dated looking building at 6747 Odessa Street still exists today. Was this really the building where numerous letters and suncatchers were mailed out by Doug’s secretary, Debbie Kirsner?

I then checked in on the fine folks at to see if interior photos of the space today still exist. Christmas came early, as yes they did have some. 

While these photos look pretty bland, it’s pretty safe to assume that these were additional offices that Doug rented out for his business work and fan club. The listing doesn’t have a date for when the building was constructed, but I’m going to bank on this was the actual building and interior. 


Unfortunately, my schedule right now doesn’t really allow me to go see the building in person. However, it’s good to know that this building, and Doug’s old headquarters on Valjean still exist. 

Maybe just maybe, a little of the old magic still remains. 

To revisit the post profiling Doug’s old HQ on Valjean Avenue please click: HERE

Special Thanks to Google Maps,, and Jim Klodzen

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