Doug Co-Hosts the 1985 Disney Easter Parade (Complete Version)

A couple years ago I posted an extremely rough and grainy compilation of Doug’s illusions as the Grand Magical Marshal of the 1985 Walt Disney World Easter Parade. At the time, I weighed whether it was even worth showing it due to its low quality. Well, I did end up posting it, and since then those clips have “magically” disappeared off the internet. 

However, lo and behold the complete broadcast has recently been made available again in all its surreal mid-1980s glory! Not only do you get Doug’s whimsical introduction and EPCOT illusions, but he’s even featured in two parades. You heard me. Not one, but two parades!

It’s an all around dated, but fun broadcast that highlights such famous illusions as the Floating Ball, Metamorphosis, and even an appearance by Debby.  So feel free to watch it as a whole, or skip on over to these time codes to see Doug’s appearances individually:

(Intro and Parade) 0:09-4:36

(Morocco Floating Ball) 8:36-11:00

(UK Car Illusion) 17:56-20:14

(Metamorphosis) 35:43-39:03

(Closing Parade) 45:43-47:17


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