Magic’s Greatest Illusions Documentary-1999 Interview with Doug

I came across this three-part documentary today while deep diving into You Tube.

“Magic’s Greatest Illusions,” narrated by Jason Alexander, originally aired on TLC in 2000. A great documentary unto itself, however, what immediately caught my attention was an extremely rare and largely unseen interview with Doug recorded in 1999. 

His interview, clearly recorded at the Magic Castle, was more than likely conducted during the year that Doug returned to Los Angeles in 1999. It was at that time that the Maharishi wanted him to tap into fundraising opportunities in Los Angeles for, you guessed it, Veda Land. 

As mentioned before, what ended up happening was Doug’s love of magic, and what it meant to his life, was rekindled. I can only think that this interview was conducted some time before David Charvet’s more in-depth piece for “Magic” magazine.

For those wanting to watch the whole documentary, it’s definitely worth your time. If not, Doug’s appearances can be found by the time codes listed below. Enjoy!

(Water Torture Cell) 9:18-14:22

(Doug’s Influence on Magic) 19:50-22:36

(Young Magicians) 48:21-48:40

(Metamorphosis) 1:01:53-1:02:32

(Levitation) 1:11:44-1:12:45

(Disappearing Elephant) 1:32:39-1:33:28

(Doug’s Thoughts on the New Millennium) 1:39:00-1:39:20



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