The Chip Romero Collection: Henning Handwritten Notes

In another extremely rare find from Chip Romero’s collection, we have  hand written notes from the pen of, drum roll please, Doug Henning! 

These three simple pages really show you the genius of Doug’s mind in meticulously plotting out every element of the second “World of Magic” special.

As usual, let’s got to Chip himself for some brief commentary:

unnamed-3“These are handwritten notes from his notebook! I would love to know where he’s sitting, but wherever he’s sitting he’s got his steno pad. (In the notes) he’s got “Motorcycle,” he’s got “Commerical,” he’s got “Dancing Handkerchief.” What was he thinking? It’s kind of hard to put yourself in his place. This is somewhere in ’76.”

unnamed-4He’s sitting at his desk thinking “What am I going to put in my TV special?” I mean how many of us ever get to do that? These are conceptual ideas…You can see the toy segment…and you’re just like “Oh my god! This special does not exist in the three-dimensional world yet.”

unnamed-5I couldn’t have summarized the notes better if I tried. Thanks Chip, and I’ll see all of you back here tomorrow. 



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