Doug Award Show Appearance and Speech

This clip is really fun to watch because it really serves as a half performance/half award acceptance speech for Doug. 

First up, is the classic “Sands of Egypt” illusion with actress Lee Meriwether (Time Tunnel, Batman) serving as Doug’s assistant. This classic illusion is a firm fan favorite, and Doug’s natural onstage delivery with it never seems to get old with time.

Lastly, now I’m not sure what a “Georgie” award is, but Doug sure seems pleased to have received one. So, if anyone out there knows, please drop me a line. In the end, Doug’s gracious concluding speech serves as a perfect bookend to a very unique and charming clip. 

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  1. isellmagic says:

    Georgie Award from the Academy Guild of Variety Artists for Special Attraction Entertainer of the Year …



  2. Charles MacLeod says:

    It looks like the award may have been AGVA (American Guild of Variety Artists Entertainer of the year? See link above.

    I enjoy your postings! Best of Luck.

    Charles MacLeod
    Lighting Director
    1101 13th St., Denver, CO 80204 | 303.446.4857
    [Denver Center for the Performing Arts]


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