I.B.M. 1986 Plaque Dedication

Well, here we are again. Thanks for your patience while the website was on a two week hiatus. Every now and then, less magical and less interesting “real life” duties sometimes take precedence.

Without further ado, let us travel back to June 6, 1986 when Doug unveiled a bronze plaque marking the original location of the “International Brotherhood of Magicians” in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

As you can tell by the top picture, Doug himself brought a little bit of “magic and wonder” to the proceedings. 

Has anyone seen this plaque in person? 


Doug Dedication

Special Thanks to Michael Whitecar

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  1. Bruce Thomson says:

    I was there for this. Bill Brace had me taking photos – but when the burning happened I was changing roles of film. I said hello to Doug at the luncheon they had afterward, but no photos of me with him.

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  2. Robert Barker says:

    Yes …. I was present when they had unveiled it . It is still there today! Doug also did shows in Winnipeg that same weekend. There is lots of info and stories about the plaque.
    The 100th Anniversary is coming up in 2022. Hopefully something will happen in Winnipeg to recognize the founding location and one of the Founders …. Len Vintus IBM # 1

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