Doug and Nancy Henning Photo (Clear Quality)

Doug and Nancy

The above picture is famous in Doug Henning lore for being one of his earliest publicity photos. It also is one that also features his sister and friend of the website, Nancy Henning. Now, while we’ve all probably seen this at one time or another, it is usually pretty grainy and not as clear as this one is. 

As Nancy told me last October:

You know, I don’t remember the exact details. I think it was an advertising picture for a brochure. But I can’t remember exactly what. Like, we had done some shows together, and we did a show for the assembly at the high school…but I think it was an advertising picture. It was in the local newspaper, and I think it was on a brochure.

But that’s basically all I can remember about that. And I know once he became – once he started doing shows in places where there were liquor licenses, he needed an assistant that could go in licensed places where I couldn’t go, because I was three years younger and I couldn’t get in places where they served alcohol. So, then, he had to find an older assistant.

Special Thanks to Mark Willoughby

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