“The Doug Henning Project’s” First Anniversary!

One year ago today I began “The Doug Henning Project” with a post called “Why Doug Henning Matters!”I obviously believe that’s still the case, and the last year has proven that even more to me!

It’s because of readers and fans like you that keep this website going. Your words of encouragement, collection pictures, memories, and general enthusiasm are what make it a joy to do a new post almost every day. Doug’s life was truly like none other, and I’m glad in some small way I’ve been able to bring him  back to the limelight where he  belongs. 

So, here’s to another great year of magic and wonder. To appropriate a classic Frank Sinatra quote:

“It’s Doug Henning’s World of Magic…we just live in it!”

Special Thanks to Michael Whitecar



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  1. Steve says:

    I have one of those


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