“The Magic Show” and “Merlin” Songbooks

Out of the blue this week I received these wonderful pictures from Doug fan Frank Simpson. As you probably gathered, they are the songbooks for the original productions of “The Magic Show” and “Merlin.” While “The Magic Show” did have an official soundtrack, “Merlin” did not. So items like these are even more important as time goes on. 

Some of the pictures featured in the book you may have seen here in earlier posts. But, others are new even to me. Hopefully, this will take the edge off of your Wednesday by transporting you to a mythical place known only as Broadway!

01 MS-M Fronts


02 MS-M backs03 MS-bios04 MS-UTHOT05 MS-ctr photos06 M-TOC07 M-Giant08 M-levs09 M-Nathan, Chita, Michelle10 M-doug

Special Thanks to Frank Simpson

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