Help Me Figure this “Mystery Ticket” Out!


“Doug Henning Project” fan Daniel Guerrero sent me the above item from his collection recently. Daniel said it was a rehearsal ticket for the Houdini “Water Torture Cell” as featured in the first “World of Magic Special.” 

However, if you look closely at the drawing of Doug on the ticket it is from a painting he had commissioned later by fantasy artists Bill and Lynn Teeple. It’s been featured on the website before, but here it is again:


So, what we have here is a bit of a mystery that needs some solving. Does anybody out there have any idea when or where this “ticket” have been used. If so please let me know and I’ll be sure to post the results. 

3 Comments Add yours

  1. steve zigmont says:

    That is a road case label


  2. david sigafus says:

    Hi Neil,      I have a hunch that these were shipping labels.  I have another variety(see enclosed) that’s a Crack ‘N Peel mailing label unused. Sincerely,David Sigafus


  3. The Amazing Keni ( you can call me "The" for short!) says:

    Perhaps it’s a ticket to see his new show on the ethereal plane!


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