Things that Go Bump in the Night!

“Things that Go Bump in the Night” became, over the years, one of Doug’s big crowd pleasers. Previously performed by magician Servais LeRoy as “The Three Graces,” Doug performed this over multiple TV specials and even in the film version of “The Magic Show.”

This is a perfect example of Doug taking an older illusion and adapting it for modern audiences, who generally didn’t know they were watching a bit of priceless magic history. 


Special Thanks to Dean Carnegie’s “Magic Detective Blog” at:


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  1. Whitt Smith says:

    So glad I got to see him live {& meet him & Debby afterwards}, & that he did this illusion in his show. This one, his torn & restored newspaper {taken pretty much word for word from the Gene Anderson book}, “Metamorphosis”, & his presentation of John Cornelius’ “Fickle nickle”, which he opened his first tv special with, were my fave illusions he presented. 🙂


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