Doug’s Oakhurst Drive Home

One of the things things that I’ve been meaning to check off on my Los Angeles bucket list for some time is paying a visit to the last house that Doug ever lived in. For various reasons I’ve never quite had the time…that was until last Friday. 

Upon his return to Los Angeles in 1999 to explore new fundraising opportunities for “Veda Land,” Doug stayed at a hotel while looking for a more permanent residence. It was during this time magician David Charvet conducted his famous “Magic Magazine” interview which sadly would turn out to be Doug’s last (See my previous interview with David for more information on that).

Soon after that, Doug and Debbie took up residence in this elegant home just off of Oakhurst Drive in Beverly Hills. By all accounts, it was during this time that Doug reconnected with old friends and found his passion for magic once again.

While he didn’t live here long, this house is a tangible part of Doug Henning history that I doubt many people even know is there. It’s one of those neat things just waiting to be found in a crazy town called Los Angeles.

Front of House
Side View

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