Close Encounters of the Doug Kind: Part Two

Today’s story comes from Thom Tyre of Tsawwassen, B.C., It paints a rare picture of a young Doug in his high school years. 

“I went to high school with Doug (OTHS) and we were attending a teen house party with a number of friends. Doug offered to do a couple of illusions, and I volunteered to be the “subject” for one. He formed a funnel from a piece of foolscap and got a pitcher of water and a glass. He had me tilt my head to one side and put the funnel in my ear and held the glass to the lower ear. He then poured water into the funnel and filled the glass. I felt a few drops of water in my ear, but the effect of this illusion at the party was amazing.”

Thank you Thom. Be sure to come back tomorrow for another story, as well as a never before seen candid picture to boot.

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  1. Whitt Smith says:

    You went to school with Doug Henning??!! Wow! How lucky YOU were!! Thanks for sharing this, Thom! 🙂

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